Some finish work completed recently at the Beaumont Street house:
The owner had some flooring of various size lots left over from some of his rental units, actually about 7 different kinds, so we decided to make good use of it all! The three bedrooms and the living room all have a border of several rows of a differing type of wood. It looks pretty snazzy, I'd say, it adds alot for just perhaps about a weeks more work. This is tongue and groove material so the challenge was to keep it all locked together, as well as maintaining square and parallel. I also managed to layout so that there were no rips in the middle field of flooring, and the outside courses were symetrical in size! Thats the fun of it.
Another finish project for this house was skinning the old stairs with oak. Since the flooring was adding 3/4" to both the 1st and 2nd floor, adding oak to the top of the old treads made sense for walkability. And the cost was not as bad as one might have thought, about 500 for materials and about a week for labor. The railings and spindles would have had to be bought and installed anyway, so the extra cost was minimal: skinning the treads and risers vs. sanding them.

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