Gut Job

classic renovation. remove all old framing because patching is more work than starting over. also there is lead in the woodwork... sorry old house. welcome, new house. burn the old studs in the woodstove. actually the wood is really nice old pine or fir, very tight grain old growth lumber, firm yet soft. Probably be good for some kind of woodwork, if you could mill it down... I have a couple of times for patching dutchmans into old doors.
and a hawk came to the street, caught a pigeon, which was still alive at the time. when i came closer for a better photo it flew away, with the pigeon.
Chris Eaton is pouring a new porch. Kevin O'Brien is demolishing the old back shed. Practically fell off, but he had his share of work there.
Some other work completed was new lintels for all the rear side windows, some brake work with Tim McCullough's home made Visegrip brake, works very well, especially at the price.
More nature, some snakes were hanging out under the warmth of the black tarp out back. They were actually quite sluggish.
Karl, a helper on the job site, tries to remember what he was looking for!
And some shots of the insulation job. When they're done they clean out the sprayer onto a peice of plastic. Some soccer ball there, eh?