Could not get Peco to come out. Imagine that! We wanted them to come out and remove the hardware holding up the big ol HOT!!! supply wires, so we could replace the rotted barge board with some Azek (a plastic wood product). But no. Actually they kept on saying yes and then not showing up. "Within the week" they said week after week. OK. OK. no problem.

So I made a bracket to hold the hardware utilizing a couple of principles I have invoked previously. One is the beam on roof as cantilever. the further back onto the house it goes the more weight it holds. And the other was the creative use of tie down straps! very very strong inventions. Cloth, no less. Woven strands and the ratchet. Very strong. plus of course some custom cutting of some wood to embrace said Peco hardware (holding unknown weight of LIVE juicy juice.)

So it turns out you can't avoid touching said juicy wire but as long as there is no exposed metal inner wire you'll be allright. (Don't try this at home.) Getting the bolts in and out turned out to be the sweaty part, but, - guess what!??? I'm still here! Happy Birthday! OK....

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