A Space storefront

A really fun job, lots of people going by, saying hello. Trying not to distract me (and James) too much, but carpentry is pretty non social most of the time. Just work with your hands and talk to each other day in and day out. So a change of pace is acceptable, don't you think?
Anyway, also a challenging job, with lots of changes and extras thrown in the mix. Its a "while we're here we might as well..." type of job. We've added in a wheelchair ramp, removed soffits, rerouted electric, uncovered and trimmed for the original leaded glass windows. Also added is a plastered wall, theres no room on the party wall for an added layer of drywall so it had to be skimmed. Very finely accomplished by Richard Odibashian, by the way. Also we moved the radio transmitter for the mural on the parking lot wall to the basement. What else...
Much appreciated all the help and patience from Morgan Andrews and Clarissa and Tim Dunn, Books Through Bars, and everyone else who wondered what the heck gentrification was going on. What a positive vibe surrounds that address, I can attest to that. Everybody checking out the free books is open to a pleasant word or two for carpenters cutting wood and nailing it up.
Also of note is the fact that we can't paint until the weather warms up, so here's hoping the woodwork holds up until then. But what must be, will be...

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